Citibank Telemarketing War
Even the previous telemarketing violation has not completed its investigation yet but the bleeding edge new year seems to have set their balls in motion so boisterously aggressive that one of the DSAs of Citibank India called in today regarding Indian Oil Titanium Card:

Calling Number: +914443504813
Called Date and Time: 4th January 2010 1544

The caller was telling her name was Priya and belonging to Ascent Management (DSA of Citibank) based from Adyar. Her supervisor was also not caring about NDNC and she did not have any knowledge of the same.

Perhaps, Citibank is thinking itself like Mohammed of Ghazni who invaded India seventeen times and they are thinking of persistently calling everyone repeatedly with an earnest endeavor that they would get more prey for their greedy hunger.
As part of my good citizenship gesture, the same has been duly reported to my network operator and channel authorities so that they can action upon the offenders.