Indiscriminatory typos in place names with demonstrated callous attitude by businesses in Chennai
A while back we had a discussion on fading nameboards. This topic shares the same thought but assumes a little more broader scope in that a few businesses use their prowess and potential to even confuse the general public by changing the names of their places in their own whims and fancies. Bringing them to their kind attention is of no avail since they either underestimate the whole complaint/report or they have done it deliberately and intentionally to advance their sinister objectives.
I have a few sample incidents below:
  1. A quick sample of the various shop nameboards in Pallikaranai can reveal that the place name is spelt differently as Pallikarani and Pallikaranee. They have not spared even the most simple efforts of moving their little fingers to check against the government gazette on the correct name of the places.
  2. The reputed mobile chain store (WaveTel) was aggressively spreading the spelling of Thambaram for ‘Tambaram’ in every advertisement till recently and only now after a lot of hue and cry they have corrected it. Now they have again succumbed to another spell-kill. ‘Rajakilpakkam’ is being spelt as ‘Rajakillpakkam’.

Though you may call ‘What is in a name?’ there are a lot of things attached to a wrong name including confusions for tourists and new ones to a place. The best bet solution is to either consult the government gazette or if there is a railway station in that area, it is best to see what Indian Railways call that. It is an unanimous acceptance across the country to see if Indian Railways has a particular spelling that holds sway over everything else. Interestingly, if we take that for instance, the place where ‘Chennai Airport‘ is located is predominantly spelt as ‘Meenambakkam‘ whereas Indian Railways call it as ‘Minambakkam’