Let us bring a blanket ban on Nuclear Families altogether
I sincerely thank everyone for sending in their honest feedback supporting our proposal that we would need to refrain from any kind of nuclear arrangements. I am really surprised to see the overwhelming response that the particular section on nuclear families in the post elicited more attention of readers than just the globally proliferated problem of nuclear test ban treaty infringements. 
Towards this, I just I would do a little more research into the harms of nuclear family as a social service to the community and we should strive to see if we can move the state administration and lawmakers to amend the legislations and declare nuclear family as a bane than any boon. Worse yet and sorry to say, we should ask them to declare it on par as ‘ex-marital living together setup’ which is not acceptable in our Indian culture. Perhaps they can make case-by-case exceptions on specially verified on multiple tiers.
In science parlance, we have a term called ‘Nuclear Fission‘ and it seems to be perfectly matching our family setup too. A quick internet research shows that be it a boon period or a bane period, nuclear families had been the heightened source of family disparities and disharmony of all kind and creed than the families with parents and traditional setups. We are not in a westernized setup wherein we keep trashing our sacred nuptial bindings and bondings at our own whims and fancies.
Today in India, we celebrate Bhogi where we destroy the dirt and junk including those who abet that. To abet an illicit thing should be treated more severe than the crime itself. Let us vow and take an oath to destroy any affection that we nurture towards such bad things and start respecting our rich heritage and culture from the first day of Thai tomorrow. Jai Hind!