The saviours of Chennai City
The next time you witness something wrong with the civic administration setup of Chennai city you need not lament or just be a mute spectator. There are now two movements one sponsored by the state administration itself and another from an NGO to support and forward your concerns and voices to the appropriate authorities.
The respective URLs of the same are:
  1. Online Public Grievance portal by Chennai Corporation.
  2. Fix Your City Chennai
But please note that the redressal process itself is not going to speedier. We can see signs of hope because a new redressal channel using latest technological innovation has come in now however the resolution process still has to depend on the age-old red tape bureocratic process and hence it might take a lot of time. Worse yet, we still have incidents where a few complaints have got closed without proper reasons by erring officials as narrated here.
Nevertheless let us encourage and extend our patronage to these new systems with a humble ray of hope that these maladies too would be redressed in future and in the course of time that the public grievance redressal system would be a huge success. We should also try to suggest these in other places’ city/state administrators too.