A proposal to HSBC to open a Hot and Sour Bottling Corporation

1)Name of the Agent: The agent told calling from HSBC Credit Cards (Mumbai) and he failed to introduce himself. He was arrogant and refused to tell his name too.
2)Time of the call 17:46
3)The number from which the call was made.
4) The number on which he had made the call. xxxxxxxxxx
5)The date on which the call was made. 13th January 2010

On the Pongal eve day me and a few of my friends were in a small tea shop in Ambal Nagar (Ekkaduthangal) where Vazhakkai (plantain) bajji is famous. There was one telemarketer who was calling at that time from the number +912230759100 around 6 PM. We just thought instead of chasing him away let us derive some concrete fun from him.

TM: Hello. We are calling from HSBC Credit Cards Division.
Me: Ok
TM: We are offering an attractive personal insurance product along with credit card.
Me: I have a more compelling and attractive requirement other than credit card now. Would you be able to serve that? The plantain bajji needs more chutney and we need some water also. Can you bring it first?
TM: We are calling from HSBC Credit Cards.
Me: So what? When HSBC can open so many initiatives like HSBC Direct and Canara HSBC, why can’t they open up water supply and beverages company. Also, slowly they should apply to TASMAC and you should endeavor to provide more value-added services to the customers. When you can violate NDNC, you should also have the guts to  venture into non-specialised areas.
TM: <bangs the phone and ran away>

I then wrote an email to HSBC for providing a good Pongal eve weekend entertainment and we also suggested that HSBC could seriously consider quitting banking business as soon as possible and open up Hot and Sour Bottling Corporation. While humor is one part of the story along with that as part of my good citizenship gesture, the incident of telemarketing violation has also been reported to appropriate authorities.