The myth behind 18001030121
One could have seen big boards, hoardings and/or banners from Airtel Broadband to call a toll-free number like 18001030121 in order to avail a free broadband service for month with zero entry cost. Is that all true? When this writer called the number two times the following were the results: 
  1. The call landed in Bangalore call center. Incorrect routing entrapped in the first instance. The call center executive wanted the caller to retry the call after two hours but to no avail.
  2. Writing an email to the Airtel Broadband Support Center was of no avail too since the standard gibberish scribbling craps were all just being coming out from them.
  3. One of the executive who I met near Airtel Relationship Center in Saidapet was telling that though there is no entry cost an amount for the a few months needed for second month onwards needed to be paid. So it is not completely free. Read the fine prints before signing up with the contract.