Mushrooming SEZ Scams — Tagged ‘Solutions’ is more now a Pollutant
The too-much of SEZ culture that has been setup by the UPA realm in India seems to be creating more tussles everywhere than benefit. Today whilst flipping channels, I saw CNN-IBN showing up a high end drama of SEZ scam where lands were allocated in a reckless fashion to builders in order to equip them amassing fast bucks. I am trying to see if I can locate the web version of it and in the melee, I found another article in ‘The New Indian Express over here. There is now a dire need for the state administration in bringing control over these SEZs.
The SEZs also bring with them another peril. Just because they construct one SEZ the road near them is converted into a toll-road which is not acceptable at all. And the toll road is qualified for lighting and amenities only for a few feet at its vicinity and after that distance the road condition is simply deplorable and unmotorable. We could see several instances of these in the following turnpikes (aka) tollgates:
  1. TollGate near Mohammed Sathak College (Sozhinganallur)
  2. TollGate near Chennai One SEZ (Pallavaram – Thorapakkam Radial Road)
Also a number of foulmouthed people are floating fly-by-night enterprises as software companies and financial companies and most of them cling to the bunch of flock in tagging the word as ‘XYZ Solutions’ and hence I thought to share this topic that too much of corrupt solutions is actually serving as a pollution to the ecosystem. The unethical financial solutions enterprises also end-up in violating more laws of land including 420 cases and telemarketing practices. I had to kick one such unethical ‘solution maker’ because the way he used his female staff gave an impression that a trend of ‘flesh trade solutions’ is also being experimented by these dons. This issue had been referred to Home Ministry sometime in December.