Are customers trash for Airtel to dump their waste and  junk?

A while back we discussed about how surreptitiously Bharti Airtel packaged a landline telephone number to my mobile account and after a good deal of haggling they disconnected and closed it. One of my friend who uses Airtel Broadband shared his recent experience wherein two really core junk products were billed to him without his consent. Two products are:

(1) Online Desktop Storage [The representative who came for  installation claimed that it was a free product but it got billed to the account]

(2) PC Secure. Airtel keeps rolling out an antivirus  product called PCSecure but which is not capable of catching even the most simple of the viruses.

I asked my friend whether he could share any information for the benefit of the readers. He was more kind to scan the recent documents and bills which can be found attached below.  I think Bharti Airtel is very close to embracing moratorium and downing its shutters if they follow such illicit business practices.