May 2010

Angadi Theru — A Critical Review

Today being weekend and part of a long Memorial Day weekend, I was watching a movie called Angadi Theru after a long time. I have been reading a few quick reviews on Angadi Theru from a few of my blog-roll and the significant among them being here. I just thought I would share a few things about this movie.

  1. Workplace harassment and particularly illtreatment of female fraternity at workplace is reigning supreme still. Government of India, which takes pride to usher in novel schemes for uplift of womenhood and their status and who has pioneered in the so-called broken domestic violence act seems to have met a total failure with regard to the same. Whilst this movie demonstrates brutal treatment of male employees and unrelenting molesting of female employees by so-called ‘supervisors’ in the so-called reputed multibrand multispeciality superstores in the business hubs of Chennai, the situation is just not isolated to these lower ebbs. We can very much witness this in any industry.This blogger is proud to say that he had also initiated the campaign against workplace harassment right before five years back slamming two suspensions on the so-called middle-manager in a software company in Chennai.The bane of India is that when the persons in the manager roles are accused they somehow get through and escape from being fired. The need of the hour is eliminate the word ‘suspension’ from the dictionary and to reinstate ‘Instant Firing’ besides the accused would need to be publicly castrated. Unless the punishments to these offenses become strict and stringent such offenses would keep continuing unabated.
  2. Also I have a suggestion to the film-hood. The film starts with flirting scenes in the public place. I think the Censor Board of India should categorize such too and would need to enforce removal of such scenes. Such films are serving as a bad role model for the society.
  3. As usual the cops seems to be hand-in gloves to the conman. Even in this film when the Annachi called the cop, the latter’s misdemeanor is clearly evident from the same.
  4. I also observed that the so-called supervisor uses most vulgar language against the employees. I think instead of individual organization having their own policies of Code of Conduct, I believe, governments of every nation should bring up a common code of conduct to ensure discipline amongst all the companies. I just thought I set initiate a brainstorming in this direction.I was searching for Code of Business conduct amongst the various company websites typically multinational and fortune rated companies like GE, Verizon, Walmart, Bharti Airtel, Ford Motor and Exxon Mobile. A one quick comprehensive of them can be found here unfortunately the policies don’t say how they are going to tackle violations meaning they have their definitions in black and white (in letter) to satisfy statutory requirements but not in spirit.Our next mission and the task in Todolist would be to explore ways to ensure that organizations are de-weeded of such menace.

Well! That is a quick review about Angadi Theru. The songs are anyway good.

Thieving debit cards, pocket-picking and waylaying are old stories…
Thieves,  burglars and thugs in India have started to be very forward looking these days. Gone are the days when they resort to pocketpick your debit card do some brute force attack for the PIN and/or use a social engineering technique like Phishing/Vishing to make good a booty at your cost. Now they try to strike at the ATM and lift off the entire ATM machine itself.  And what about the security guards at the ATM. With mercury soaring high and high in every city the real cool airconditioning in the ATM chamber makes it as a very cozy rest place for them to snore off as the conman stage their demonstration.

A few incidents to support the above observations are:

  1. ATM lifted at Timarpur, New Delhi
  2. Thieves escape with ATM at Anekal-Chandrapura road, Bangalore

V&R whole-heartedly appreciates Vijay TV!!
We whole-heartedly appreciate Vijay TV for its excellent programme this week in ‘Neeya Naana’  against Divorce.  In India, which is predominantly a conservative country, this is not applicable at all. It is an acute social stigma and a curse on the great Indian culture with a rich heritage. I didn’t have an opportunity to view the programme but heard of it from my friends. A friend of mine helped me with a recording of the programme for my personal viewing and sharing the thoughts here for the welfare of the society.

It is really painful step for anyone to break the nuptial binding after the celestial promise taken in front of the Lord Agni and the Sapthapati.  Well! Even for other religions this is true as well.  For Christians,  after having taken  the divine promise and/or  at the church doesn’t it look shameless to ascend the steps of the court to request dissolution of the sacred knot.  The Vijay TV programme came and gave a good and final conclusion to it. We don’t need Madurai type of family or Chidambaram type of family (bridal domination or groom domination) but we would need something like a Thiruchchengodu type family where Lord Shiva and Lord Parvathi bless as Arthanareeswarar.

There are a lot of films that have been produced and directed too projecting that divorce (aka) dissolution of marriage should and would fail at the end. For example, Mouna Ragam by Kavithalaya is a salient example.  I just thought that we should write and encourage Vijay TV to keep retelecasting this programme again and again till every one in the planet realises the brutal folly of dissolving the marriage.

I just thought I would share another interesting contribution from Andy’s FLV Joiner which helped me to merge the independant recordings and view as a single video in my system. Whilst merging the same,  follwoing were the two messages that got displayed:

The join process of individual FLVs each of them being mammoth and big was literally slow indicated by the progress bar and the task manager user of my system which is running low in resources just like me. 🙂 But the sincere efforts of Andy’s FLV joiner payed at the end with the glorious blooming success message “All done”! I sincerely hope that in the similar vien our societies should embrace the  culture of not endorsing or encouraging divorce and the courts/governments should throw this law to the trash.

Incredible !ndia

  1. We live in a nation where Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and Sim Card is free.
  2. Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police.
  3. Car loan @ 5% but education loan @ 12%.
  4. Students with 45% get in elite institutions thru quota system and those with 90% get out because of merit.
  5. 2 IPL teams are auctioned at 3300 crores and we are still a poor country where people starve for 2 square meal per day. Our Country Name Has to Change Officially From India to India Private Limited (Another IPL… Could be Successful ! )
  6. Assembly complex buildings are getting ready within one year while public transport bridges alone takes several years to be completed.

New Tag :: “Citizens Court”

We have been trying to help our state administration and judiciary through our parent platform (“Views and Reviews“). In an attempt to further strenghten this to help our society and ably track the anti-customer issues and anti-social issues to resolution and to record the proceedings in a way similar to our judiciary, I just thought of setting up a dedicated helper tool to our parent plaform. This was the reason for setting up ‘Citizens Court’, which you are reading right now.

I had initially planned to name it as ‘Chitragupta‘ who is the accounts manager for all lives on the world and helps Yama judgement to everyone after their death based on their deeds on the planet. However the name might be little complex for non-Indian/non-Asian speakers and hence chose a more generic name for this tool.

At this moment the scope of this tool would be the following:

  1. Record of the Incident
  2. Mode of Reporting to appropriate authorities
  3. Tracking of the same
  4. Resolution Reached
  5. Progress/Pace of Resolution
  6. Support Articles to help our society

Let me know what else you would expect to see and get added to our Citizens Court

420T — Citizen’s Court Earnest Endeavor to make a healthy social networking community and

Internet as a truly information sharing platform

A while back I was discussing regarding a mischief-monger in my residential neighborhood who used to send spam emails because he was given multiple nose-cuts in more than one instances. We also witnessed our retaliation to his more recent encounter over here. This guy is not the single one. He represents one of the many rotten apples that are waiting to prey upon our society making it to rot and stink too. The need of the hour is to identify such people, quarantine them and to save the society from such perils.

I just felt that such invitations intruding into other’s privacy can also considered as a form of cheating and hence let us caption our mission as ‘420T’, based on ‘IPC 420‘. I just thought I would also share the template which would need to send them and make them to go through a limited process which would be instrumental to make them realise their folly. If they are so aggressive on such bad networking, we can force them to shell out a few bucks for the sake of community welfare.


We appreciate your intent of inviting us to your <SOLICITATION_NETWORK> {and the platform}.

Your application-invitation has been assigned a unique number as <GENERATE UNIQUE NUMBER FOR HIS REQUEST HERE>. This application would expire within one year. Please quote this number in all future correspondences.

To process your invitation towards acceptance, please reply back with the answers for the questionairre (inline below) along with a processing fee of $2500 payable through Paypal.

Please note the following:

  1. The processing fee is non-refundable or non-transferrable under all circumstances. Also it can not be adjusted for future applications.
  2. The questionairre needs to be responded within one year else the application or this RESPOND TO QUESTIONAIRRE would expire and you would need to start all over again.
  3. Once you remit the invitation-application fee through Paypal, please send in a confirmation note with subject as INVITATION-APPLICATION-PROCESSING-FEE and in the body mention the transaction number.
  4. Please note that all correspondences are through the same email address. Requests to change the correspondence email address in the middle would not be entertained. Should you wish to communicate through a newer email address, please start over with a fresh invitation-application and await for this response letter.
  5. <Your Network Name> is in no rush to complete the invitation processing and/or update interim statuses on invitation processing whatsoever.
  6. Should you wish to withdraw your application, no action is required. The application would automatically expire after one year from the date of enrollment/assignment of unique number. However, please note that we would not be able to refund the processing fee if any paid.


  1. Your Full Name (as in your state administration records)
  2. How do you know this person? [Type of relationship, History and Length required]
  3. What would benefit this recipient by networking with you through this platform?
  4. How would you stand to benefit by this networking?
  5. Gender
  6. Religion/Caste/Community/Subsect/Tribe/Race
  7. Scholastic Records (Academic Qualifications)
  8. Current Professional Resume

Paypal Link:

<Your PayPal Link>

We appreciate your endeavor to expand your networking through an internet-based social networking community. With the increasing perils looming with Social networking websites involving productivity time, we would need to adhere to the abovesaid protocol to successfully network with <YOUR_NETWORK_NAME> members.

Mission SafeSocialNetworking_EcoSystem

Legal Notice to Spamvertised Domain

We have discussed about a floral business domain who targetted innocent customers by messagebombing them with unwanted commercial emails (aka) spam besides posting junk comments in weblogs. The same had been brought to the kind attention of Ministry of Information Technology and the web hosts where the site was hosted.

After initial enquiries and investigations their bad business practices have been confirmed and a showcause notice to them has been issued by the legal department of the host. We would like to share the filer’s copy here for the benefit of others.

Internet is a valuable information vehicle. Let us try to ensure that it is cool good orchard devoid of venomous shrubs and also strive to see that forbidden fruits does not get mixed up with the basket of good ones.