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Internet as a truly information sharing platform

A while back I was discussing regarding a mischief-monger in my residential neighborhood who used to send spam emails because he was given multiple nose-cuts in more than one instances. We also witnessed our retaliation to his more recent encounter over here. This guy is not the single one. He represents one of the many rotten apples that are waiting to prey upon our society making it to rot and stink too. The need of the hour is to identify such people, quarantine them and to save the society from such perils.

I just felt that such invitations intruding into other’s privacy can also considered as a form of cheating and hence let us caption our mission as ‘420T’, based on ‘IPC 420‘. I just thought I would also share the template which would need to send them and make them to go through a limited process which would be instrumental to make them realise their folly. If they are so aggressive on such bad networking, we can force them to shell out a few bucks for the sake of community welfare.


We appreciate your intent of inviting us to your <SOLICITATION_NETWORK> {and the platform}.

Your application-invitation has been assigned a unique number as <GENERATE UNIQUE NUMBER FOR HIS REQUEST HERE>. This application would expire within one year. Please quote this number in all future correspondences.

To process your invitation towards acceptance, please reply back with the answers for the questionairre (inline below) along with a processing fee of $2500 payable through Paypal.

Please note the following:

  1. The processing fee is non-refundable or non-transferrable under all circumstances. Also it can not be adjusted for future applications.
  2. The questionairre needs to be responded within one year else the application or this RESPOND TO QUESTIONAIRRE would expire and you would need to start all over again.
  3. Once you remit the invitation-application fee through Paypal, please send in a confirmation note with subject as INVITATION-APPLICATION-PROCESSING-FEE and in the body mention the transaction number.
  4. Please note that all correspondences are through the same email address. Requests to change the correspondence email address in the middle would not be entertained. Should you wish to communicate through a newer email address, please start over with a fresh invitation-application and await for this response letter.
  5. <Your Network Name> is in no rush to complete the invitation processing and/or update interim statuses on invitation processing whatsoever.
  6. Should you wish to withdraw your application, no action is required. The application would automatically expire after one year from the date of enrollment/assignment of unique number. However, please note that we would not be able to refund the processing fee if any paid.


  1. Your Full Name (as in your state administration records)
  2. How do you know this person? [Type of relationship, History and Length required]
  3. What would benefit this recipient by networking with you through this platform?
  4. How would you stand to benefit by this networking?
  5. Gender
  6. Religion/Caste/Community/Subsect/Tribe/Race
  7. Scholastic Records (Academic Qualifications)
  8. Current Professional Resume

Paypal Link:

<Your PayPal Link>

We appreciate your endeavor to expand your networking through an internet-based social networking community. With the increasing perils looming with Social networking websites involving productivity time, we would need to adhere to the abovesaid protocol to successfully network with <YOUR_NETWORK_NAME> members.

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