New Tag :: “Citizens Court”

We have been trying to help our state administration and judiciary through our parent platform (“Views and Reviews“). In an attempt to further strenghten this to help our society and ably track the anti-customer issues and anti-social issues to resolution and to record the proceedings in a way similar to our judiciary, I just thought of setting up a dedicated helper tool to our parent plaform. This was the reason for setting up ‘Citizens Court’, which you are reading right now.

I had initially planned to name it as ‘Chitragupta‘ who is the accounts manager for all lives on the world and helps Yama judgement to everyone after their death based on their deeds on the planet. However the name might be little complex for non-Indian/non-Asian speakers and hence chose a more generic name for this tool.

At this moment the scope of this tool would be the following:

  1. Record of the Incident
  2. Mode of Reporting to appropriate authorities
  3. Tracking of the same
  4. Resolution Reached
  5. Progress/Pace of Resolution
  6. Support Articles to help our society

Let me know what else you would expect to see and get added to our Citizens Court