V&R whole-heartedly appreciates Vijay TV!!
We whole-heartedly appreciate Vijay TV for its excellent programme this week in ‘Neeya Naana’  against Divorce.  In India, which is predominantly a conservative country, this is not applicable at all. It is an acute social stigma and a curse on the great Indian culture with a rich heritage. I didn’t have an opportunity to view the programme but heard of it from my friends. A friend of mine helped me with a recording of the programme for my personal viewing and sharing the thoughts here for the welfare of the society.

It is really painful step for anyone to break the nuptial binding after the celestial promise taken in front of the Lord Agni and the Sapthapati.  Well! Even for other religions this is true as well.  For Christians,  after having taken  the divine promise and/or  at the church doesn’t it look shameless to ascend the steps of the court to request dissolution of the sacred knot.  The Vijay TV programme came and gave a good and final conclusion to it. We don’t need Madurai type of family or Chidambaram type of family (bridal domination or groom domination) but we would need something like a Thiruchchengodu type family where Lord Shiva and Lord Parvathi bless as Arthanareeswarar.

There are a lot of films that have been produced and directed too projecting that divorce (aka) dissolution of marriage should and would fail at the end. For example, Mouna Ragam by Kavithalaya is a salient example.  I just thought that we should write and encourage Vijay TV to keep retelecasting this programme again and again till every one in the planet realises the brutal folly of dissolving the marriage.

I just thought I would share another interesting contribution from Andy’s FLV Joiner which helped me to merge the independant recordings and view as a single video in my system. Whilst merging the same,  follwoing were the two messages that got displayed:

The join process of individual FLVs each of them being mammoth and big was literally slow indicated by the progress bar and the task manager user of my system which is running low in resources just like me. 🙂 But the sincere efforts of Andy’s FLV joiner payed at the end with the glorious blooming success message “All done”! I sincerely hope that in the similar vien our societies should embrace the  culture of not endorsing or encouraging divorce and the courts/governments should throw this law to the trash.