Thieving debit cards, pocket-picking and waylaying are old stories…
Thieves,  burglars and thugs in India have started to be very forward looking these days. Gone are the days when they resort to pocketpick your debit card do some brute force attack for the PIN and/or use a social engineering technique like Phishing/Vishing to make good a booty at your cost. Now they try to strike at the ATM and lift off the entire ATM machine itself.  And what about the security guards at the ATM. With mercury soaring high and high in every city the real cool airconditioning in the ATM chamber makes it as a very cozy rest place for them to snore off as the conman stage their demonstration.

A few incidents to support the above observations are:

  1. ATM lifted at Timarpur, New Delhi
  2. Thieves escape with ATM at Anekal-Chandrapura road, Bangalore