Angadi Theru — A Critical Review

Today being weekend and part of a long Memorial Day weekend, I was watching a movie called Angadi Theru after a long time. I have been reading a few quick reviews on Angadi Theru from a few of my blog-roll and the significant among them being here. I just thought I would share a few things about this movie.

  1. Workplace harassment and particularly illtreatment of female fraternity at workplace is reigning supreme still. Government of India, which takes pride to usher in novel schemes for uplift of womenhood and their status and who has pioneered in the so-called broken domestic violence act seems to have met a total failure with regard to the same. Whilst this movie demonstrates brutal treatment of male employees and unrelenting molesting of female employees by so-called ‘supervisors’ in the so-called reputed multibrand multispeciality superstores in the business hubs of Chennai, the situation is just not isolated to these lower ebbs. We can very much witness this in any industry.This blogger is proud to say that he had also initiated the campaign against workplace harassment right before five years back slamming two suspensions on the so-called middle-manager in a software company in Chennai.The bane of India is that when the persons in the manager roles are accused they somehow get through and escape from being fired. The need of the hour is eliminate the word ‘suspension’ from the dictionary and to reinstate ‘Instant Firing’ besides the accused would need to be publicly castrated. Unless the punishments to these offenses become strict and stringent such offenses would keep continuing unabated.
  2. Also I have a suggestion to the film-hood. The film starts with flirting scenes in the public place. I think the Censor Board of India should categorize such too and would need to enforce removal of such scenes. Such films are serving as a bad role model for the society.
  3. As usual the cops seems to be hand-in gloves to the conman. Even in this film when the Annachi called the cop, the latter’s misdemeanor is clearly evident from the same.
  4. I also observed that the so-called supervisor uses most vulgar language against the employees. I think instead of individual organization having their own policies of Code of Conduct, I believe, governments of every nation should bring up a common code of conduct to ensure discipline amongst all the companies. I just thought I set initiate a brainstorming in this direction.I was searching for Code of Business conduct amongst the various company websites typically multinational and fortune rated companies like GE, Verizon, Walmart, Bharti Airtel, Ford Motor and Exxon Mobile. A one quick comprehensive of them can be found here unfortunately the policies don’t say how they are going to tackle violations meaning they have their definitions in black and white (in letter) to satisfy statutory requirements but not in spirit.Our next mission and the task in Todolist would be to explore ways to ensure that organizations are de-weeded of such menace.

Well! That is a quick review about Angadi Theru. The songs are anyway good.