A Scamster targetting IndiaMinutes and Callous Attitude of Call Center

It was Friday fun with some one allegedly from 12143822290 (a Dallas-based number) calling me offering some whole rock-solid free one month membership with IndiaMinutes. The caller was telling me that after explaining the features he would hangup. Then an automated voice call would follow which I should agree for activating the one month membership along with giving confidential information on credit cards etc. Whilst I declined the offer the caller still wanted to go ahead and he was giving around a spurt of  missed calls. I had to give him a kick back later to chase him away.

When I checked with IndiaMinutes call center I found out there was no such offer. However they were reluctant to take up the issue and followup on who is the scamster taking toll on them. So it is clear that these people might be hand-in-gloves with the scamser. The IndiaMinutes does not have a proper support cum contact system as well. It goes to a third party website for support.

A quick search on IndiaMinutes brings a lot of fraudulent activity by IndiaMinutes as well. Check out this link. Just thought of sharing this with other readers so that they can boycott this underworld long distance service provider in Toto.