Pammal Vidya — Part III

In a gruesome incident that happened in Chennai (Virugambakkam) last week a woman took the child of her paramour because he refused to ‘legalize’ their ‘out-of-law’ relationships. Check out the news source here. The illegal triangle love by an HDFC Insurance employee (Jayakumar) and his workplace mistress (Poovarasi) with the former’s intents of using the latter only to satisfy his bestial instincts made the latter psychologically affected causing her to strike back by claiming the life of toddler (the son of former) by hacking him to death and taking the torso in a trolley suitcase.

What’s more after strangling the toddler to death she seemed to have visited a church in Armenian street for ‘confession and pardon’.  The cops as usual seemed to have opened another investigation episode that is going to be another mega-serial without much solution to the pandemic problem afflicting the society.