Pammal Vidya Part IV

The most recent hot flame news that is marching around the world epicentered from Chennai is the murder of TNEB employee whose mistress employed in Velachery Police Station had deployed her paramour and a few underworld gangs to unleash terror on him near Tiruvellore district of Chennai. Again this is seeded by the parental misdirections. The victims’ mistress was in love with the victim from the school days and since the victim was not employed good at that time her parents gave her in marriage to some one else. The victim who had the moral responsibility of not to follow her since she is now married to some one else unethically continued his relationship with her. The legitimate spouse walked out in the huff and the duo felt now more comfortable.

The mistress’ bestial greed then got enhanced when she developed more promiscuous relationship to another constable working with her at workplace. This enraged the victim who challenged her. Intimidated by the victim’s intervention the ‘bandit-queen’ plotted along with her ‘new paramour’ and hiring few more thugs eliminated the victim from the face of the earth.

Besides the adultery she also stands to earn the fame of misusing her powers by fabricating false complaints of ‘missing’ in Velachery Police Station. Check out the news here.