The SIM in RIM is in the brim to get dim

The RIM-driven Blackberry mobiles seems to be in troubled waters these days. A few bullet points about the RIM development are hereunder:

  1. A vision to expand outside the United States because of the slowing growth in United States.
  2. Saudi Arabia has ordered the suspension of Research In Motion Ltd’s BlackBerry smartphone service starting Aug 6, the state run Saudi Press Agency reported, citing the telecommunications authority.
  3. UAE bans blackberry use from August 11
  4. Curtains down for Blackberry show in India very soon

The simple reason for the ongoing downfall of Blackberry, as I deduce are the following:

  1. Non-cooperation of RIM management to the global governments to establish secure communication infrastructure
  2. Multiple (Security) Vulnerabilities in the communication infrastructure.

So next time your manager or some one brandishes a high-tech blackberry gadgets and presents a pompous boast in front of everyone you need to just challenge him with a simple security puzzle — “Are you the local affiliate of Al-Queda?”

Security is everyone’s responsibility. If some one is not cooperating for the global security and worldwide peace solidarity, such vectors would need to be quarantined. We hope RIM brings in a renaissance in their outlook lest the governments across the globe bring in a blackout on the blackberry services.