The mobile number portability in India seems to be suffering a fourth postponement now. Initially set to start in April 2009 was pushed to September 2009. Then it was set for December 2009 which again got pushed to April 2010. DoT finally set the deadline to October 2010. The reasons for postponement of MNP seems to be very silly when you view across the timeline.

  1. Non-readiness of the telecom operators
  2. Just because of the implementors of MNP has some software business in Pakistan, FIB of Ministry of Finance is skeptical about the security of the implementation.

The real reason is that the larger operators like Vodafone and Airtel are skeptical about they being wiped out post the number portability because of the bad customer trust they have earned over the years and hence they might be significantly contributing in lobbying in the government to delay the implementation.

When the Ministry of Finance compares security issues with Pakistan it has failed to note that Pakistan has successfully implemented the number portability even in 2007 (about three years back).