It is a known fact and proved time and again that our cops only come after a mishap got staged. Even if a heads-up is given about a possible sabotage they are so much loaded with inertia and lethargy that they don’t want even to lift their little finger towards this to dismiss the apprehension.

In the recent ‘Anna Nagar Student Kidnap for Ransom’ horror there is a news update that the industrialist got a threatening call about a few months back. He seemed to have a lodge a formal complaint with the cops only to confront and elicit a grave inaction from them. Only when the actual kidnap drama got staged they seemed to have responded.

Fortunately there was no loss to life and limb over the incident. But can’t they learn from their follies and be more proactive? After all the government is paying them good remuneration every month not to mention handful of bonuses they get every year during festival seasons starting from the Deepavali to Chithirai Tamil New Year. Interestingly Deepavali is just about two days from now. Smile