May 2011

A shocking revelation from IndianLeaks that the terrorist (Afzal Guru) who is still enjoying the Indian tax-payers revenue for his comforts and lamenting that his mercy petition is pending with the president when actually there is no mercy petition with Rastrapathi Bhavan linked to him. Check out a series of mercy petitions currently pending with the President here.

And interestingly this has been updated on 23rd December 2010. Almost six months has passed. None of the petitions have moved an inch. So what is still pending to execute Afzal Guru other than petty minority vote agains for a handful of unscrupulous politicians?

Around 27th April 2011 a telemarketer from Standard Chartered hysterically disturbed me in the mid of a meeting. She was also persistent with her seductive speech in some how pushing some hopeless crappy personal loan product.

Calling Number: 91-9789048293
Calling Date: 27th April 2011
Calling Time: 12:02 (Called just after afternoon. Was the telemarketer struck mad because of mid-day sun? :))
The caller refused to even introduce herself and started to yell and shout hysterically why does me want her name? I wrote about this incident to Standard Chartered the same day along with a suggestion that not merely a telemarketing violation but the telemarketer needs a bit of psychological medication.
I would advise Standard Chartered that besides taking action against this stupid telemarketer she should also be taken to Institute of Mental Health (commonly known as ‘Mental Hospital’) which is in Kilpauk because of the way she presented herself. I think she became mental because of the disturbing climate of hot sun and intermittent (summer) showers in Chennai and I think there are also case of lustful managers in Standard Chartered call centers disturbing the employees and sub-ordinates for their bestial instincts.
If this is the telemarketing attitude of Standard Chartered I would recommend your board and Ministry of Corporate Affairs to re-christen yourself as ‘Stupid Cabbages’ bank.
It took three full weeks for the bank to respond with the following gibberish response (seeking credit card number in an unsecured email and telling me that they can not trace a telemarketing report on a customer otherwise. Don’t they have a log of the outbound calls. What if a erring telemarketer turns out to be another Al Queda terrorist outfit hiding as a bank employee? We have already seen in a recent incident that ‘John David’ the merciless butcher who murdered his colleague at Annamalai Medical College had been working for seven years in Sutherland before he was found out.

The following is the gibberish response from Standard Chartered:

Hence I just thought I would write back and this time a stronger email to Standard Chartered with a proposition that they should stop the banking business and concenterate on some sort of phone entertainment service just like premium adult lines operated over 900 numbers. I think that is the best business Standard Chartered should be better off with than wasting their time with banking which seems to be a difficult one for them.
The warm welcome response given by me was as below and the video URL embedded in the email (which was also attached to them for their offline viewing pleasure as MP4) is: