The latest turn of events of ‘Meerut Love Story‘ is highly disgusting. Here are the turn of events in chronological order:

  1. On the nuptial night the girl (‘Aarthi’) seemed to have expressed her dis-satisfaction on the marriage to her husband (‘Nitesh Tyagi’) because she had been ‘already wedded’ to her college pal. My simple query here is that what caused to her to remain tight-lipped when all the wedding procedures were going through till the nuptial night. I am sure the wedding process would have taken months and even the wedding day they should have been shared several hours together.
  2. The groom’s side had been maganimous to relinquish his leash as a ‘husband’. They diplomatically seemed to have agreed to turn their relationship into fraternity with a symbolic rakhi. ToI reports that the matrimony home is morphed into ‘extended paternal home’ for the girl.
  3. After two days the girl moved to her first – paternal home. They have made efforts to unite her with her ‘lover’ (‘Vivek’) who turned down their offers stating that ‘she is married to some one else’.  Is Aarthi going to be another Ambha to jump pillar and post between Salva (‘Vivek’) and Bheeshma (‘Nitesh’)? The cops and the local magistrate are in a fix on how to deal with this complicated issue.
  4. After one week our Ambha has moved the Domestic Violence Astra against Bheeshma. The DV is purely towards husband-wife estrangements and here I am really confused on how does it befit into a brother-sister relationship? Interestingly, Aarthi herself had clarified that her ‘extended family’ is courteous and friendly whilst her paternal family is a threat for her. Refer CPR India.
  5. Interestingly this wedding itself was organized in a fast-track. Aarthi’s elder sister was originally engaged to Nithesh but she eloped with a local cop. The fast-track process now brings another dimension of complication with point number (1) mentioned above.

Where is the rich heritage of Bharatvarsh heading to?