Today was watching an old Vijayakanth movie “Managara Kaval” in a local cable television. In all box-office hit movies it is portrayed that the top-brass of the cop serve as a close accomplice to con man. A few of them are Managara Kaval (of Vijayakanth), Gemini, Saami (of Vikram). I do not want do dismiss this as another screen gimmick because often film producers share out their own experiences of their bribe experiences through such ‘passive rants’. Pokkiri of Vijay Joseph Chandrasekhar does show that a cop wanted two crore worth bungalow on a posh apartment complex to satisfy the bestial instincts of his concubine.

Whenever an ordinary person joins even the job of a ‘peon’ in a fourth-grade office, the organizations put so much effort in police reports, conduct, character and background verifications. So how is Government of India so careless about its states’ callousness in leaving them recruit criminals as care-takers of the city?

And whenever such people travel abroad, the foreign embassies and organizations too do not place much emphasis on the checks before issuing a visa to them. So effectively these are the first-rated criminals, IMHO, who abet international terrorism.