Just crossing the street outside Tower 2 of Cap Gemini GLC building we can see the whole ground being filled with plastic cups that has been remaining uncleaned for several months. And during rainy days we can see a lot of slush. Though the slush does not interfere with the maneuvering ability on  the roads, it presents a huge hygiene situation because it can become a valuable ground for growing of germs besides the fact so much of plastic (non-bio-degradable material) is also a serious ecological concern.
Can Maharashtra Pollution Control Board take help of MIDC/Cap Gemini and get this issue salvaged from the eco crisis? I am including the Administrative Contacts mentioned in the Cap Gemini websites so that they can help MPCB team too.
A report has been sent to the following team for their comments.
  1. SRO, Pimpri Chinchwad Pollution Control Board (sropimprichichwad@mpcb.gov.in)
  2. Glen Nelson (glen.nelson@capgemini.com)
  3. Merrin Netto John (merrin.netto-john@capgemini.com)
  4. Christel Lerouge (christel.lerouge@capgemini.com)
  5. Hester Decouz (hester.decouz@capgemini.com)
  6. PCMC (egov@pcmcindia.gov.in)
  7. Heloisa Godoy (heloisa.godoy@capgemini.com)
  8. Valery Zurita (valery.zurita@capgemini.com)
  9. Guillermo Hernandez (guillermo.hernandez@capgemini.com)
  10. Geetha Selvakumar (geetha.selvakumar@capgemini.com)
  11. Walter Vejdovsky (walter.vejdovsky@capgemini.com)
  12. Fabienne Philippot (fabienne.philippot@capgemini.com)