Yesterday I had a visit to BSNL CSR attached to Porur Karambakkam Exchange. I have the following observations regarding that exchange.

Visit in the morning at 9.45 AM:

  1. I was waiting till the counter open at 10. When the counters were open the cleanliness of the CSR was absolute zero and disgusting. Heaps of debris. I have been seeing private folks clean their premises multiple times. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A clean chit to their attitude —
  2. The Excel/CellOne desk was not manned till 10.30. The lady who came at 10.30 did not seem to have a complete knowledge regarding PoI and PoA. For example Aadhar does not have a date other than validity. Aadhar enrolment (pre-requisite for Aadhar) does have a date though.
  3. She does not know the basic difference between SIM/MicroSIM/NanoSIM. After a hectic argument and my throat drying up, she seemed to have got something inside her rock-head and took out the MicroSIMs.
  4. She failed to explain properly the cost of MicroSIM. I have made a separate complaint on this because of cost discrepancy and zero talktime on the SIM.
  5. She was arrogant in giving a change of 500 even when I offered her a workaround that the balance be loaded to my SIM as a topup. Fortunately the cash counter helped with the change. But she did not give 2 Rupees when I gave 110 (for 108). So with each customer if she is pocketing 2 rupees, she is getting a whopping big amount for a sumptous candle light dinner with her boy-friends in a posh restaurant.
  6. Illicitly she seemed to have swapped the MicroSIM with NanoSIM or is it either a carelessness
  7. In parallel to the issues above I noticed one another filthy attitude of this woman. When attendance book was given to her besides signing against her name, she is unneededly poking her nose into other people’s in-time/out-time (may be to cover her arse of her high-handedness of coming late).

Visit in the Afternoon at 2.30 PM (to correct the issue (6) above):

  1. She refused to entertain the incorrect SIM tendered even when the SIM was unpacked from its holder mentioning flimsy reasons.
  2. Again to reiterate her knowledge issue she is asking me to cut the sim and put it in the phone when the fact is NanoSIM is the lowest denomination of the SIM family and it needs a bigger SIM adapter. She was referring her colleague who was another ‘over smart’ and she tried to put the nano SIM in her old Nokia phone (which is a MiniSIM phone).
  3. Her neighbor (sitting next to her) was also trying to check my phone account status. And was giving a false information that SIM was not even gone through the final verification. Minutes later when I tried to get a Nano SIM adapter from a neighboring mobile shop and tried, I found out that SIM was indeed activated. So effectively she was trying to hide her filthy stinking arse by shifting the responsibilities and errors to the backend activation team which does not in my view is an active teamspirit and a good work morale.
  4. These women are trying to suggest me that I should try exchanging this phone in a neighboring shop for a NanoSIM phone and use it.
  5. Worst attitude among these two women are they do not want to disclose their name. I think they are doing something shady.
  6. Going by point (4) in section above, she might be a owner or a stakeholder of a mobile shop in the neighborhood. Or she is getting a kickback from a rival operator and hence by giving this type of attitude to customers they want to discourage people from using BSNL and go to rival operators.

Reported to BSNL Corporate vide DOTEL/E/2015/07324