I have a couple of observations regarding DLF at Ramapuram, Chennai. The attentiveness of the security manning near the entrance seems to be restricted only to a limited percentage of pedestrians and walkers. A good number of vehicles are let and go Scott-free. Furthermore the speed within the campus is not constrained and there is little rash driving besides bottlenecks and wrong-side driving. The entrance and arterial places also do not seem to be having good CCTV cameras.
The other day in one of the parking it was pitch dark and my friend almost was on a verge of colliding onto a parked black Maruti car (which was invisible because of the darkness in the basement parking). I am not sure whether the customer care at the premises are kind of serious and/or sensitized regarding these issues and hence writing to you.
There is excessive picketing and significantly large number of Axis Bank representatives opposite DLF InfoCity Park near Ramapuram. And now a couple of them have intruded into the park opposite first building and near Cafeteria as well. Not sure after sometime they will take the security people into their seige and force everyone that along with access cards everyone should mandatory take a personal loan from them?
This information was sent to the following people and we are waiting for comments from them:
  1. office-business@dlf.in
  2. j-rajeev@dlf.in
  3. banerjee-nishant@dlf.in
  4. varshney-amit@dlf.in
  5. ernest-david@dlf.in