July 2015

PayTM supports taking money and then paying for various merchants based on the services. However the implementation seems to be faulty that it does not support paise transfer even when merchants debit that way. For example, if I fund 100 rs. in my PayTM wallet today. I make a transaction for 65.25, there is a balance of 34.75. This 75 paise I can not either withdraw or transfer to anyone else because it will not support decimals and only round integers. Neither I can fund .25 or 1.25 to make it a round and then transfer.

It means a number of .75 is going to the pockets of PayTM owners/directors giving a lot of black money circulation. PayTM also does not have PAN Card and hence people can park black money in the website. Neither there is a proper grievance board who can responsibly look into the issue.

Petition Filed to

  1. RBI via DEABD/E/2015/05385
  2. Central Board of Direct Taxes via CBODT/E/2015/04869

Response from CBODT:

This is a complaint in the nature of Tax Evasion Petition against the third party. A print out of the same alongwith the attachment is being sent to CIT(Investigation), Room No. 155A, North Block, New Delhi-110 001 for appropriate necessary action

Train Number 06801 (TPJ-PUN) is an immensely valuable train connecting Trichy/Chennai with Pune. However the train had been a habitual late reacher. I have verified the schedules consecutively for three to four weeks.

Against the reaching time of 1150 AM at Pune it is reaching always at 1425 hours (a delay of around 2.25 hours). The following are the points where it gets stuck up:

  1. 3 AM: Before Sholapur
  2. 7 AM: At Dudhani (waits till 8.30 AM) — From here it is a single track for around two kilometers and hence the train is made to wait making clearances to all other trains.
  3. Wastage of speed after Sholapur till Daund.

I have the following suggestions: 1) Try mitigating (1) above. That should take care of (2) and (3) 2) Regularize the train reaching time as 1425 so that it would avoid giving a false promise of 1150 so that users can plan accordingly. Though not a appreciable tactic at least it will save the face of Indian Railways against the regular late running of the train.

Response from Indian Railways:

Rake of 06801 TPJ-Pune Spl was owned by S. Rly, hence attachment of pantry car in this train should be examined by S. Rly. Regarding late running of this train, due to capacity constraints on this Railway, train was not approved. Hence, this train was getting delayed for crossing other scheduled trains in single line sections.

I have a concern regarding BSNL policies which are outdated and making it lag behind other telecom companies. The following are a few:

  1. Activation Charges. No other telecom companies now are having this concept. It has gone off long time back. If you closely observe, even there are no hidden charges by providers of repute like Airtel or Vodafone.
  2. Validity Game: Prepaid cards no longer have validity tagged by any operators except BSNL. However inactive accounts (with no usage more than 90 days) are truncated. But BSNL still depends on validity clause for prepaid which is a drawback for it.
  3. International Roaming for Prepaid. Implementing an International Roaming for prepaid is the most simplest thing. The same SIM can be made to use as along as sufficient balance is there. But BSNL is refusing to implement international roaming for prepaid for reasons best known only to them.
  4. International Roaming for Pospaid. Every operator provides international roaming on the same SIM card. But for BSNL when IR is activated they give a separate SIM which we have to use when landing in other country. This is ridiculous.

Complaining this to BSNL via CpGrams is of no use because they are just closing the issue as ‘suggestions’. It is not suggestion but a serious complaint on the functioning of the enterprise and they need to correct themself.

Sent a petition to Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 8th April 2015 vide PRSEC/E/2015/03244

Response from BSNL:


Perhaps you would have read about my new connection purchase from BSNL in the month of March here. I reported several irregularities in setting up of connection by Porur Karambakkam telephone exchange.  BSNL corporate did an indepth investigation and found out several things from there. A difference amount of 2 Rupees which was charged extra from me by that lady was sent by a money order to my address.

BSNL is for sure a very straight forward organization and the lower level staff are spoiling its image. They have to look at the lower level staff with more scrutiny.