Today I had an opportunity to visit this branch between 10.45 to 12.30. I witnessed gross misdemeanor of two of the staff. Though I have reported this to CPGRS, I felt that I would bring this to the attention of public so that public can be aware of such people and move more cautiously with them.

  1. This lady was refusing to tell her name also. Why was she is the arrogant to the customers? I gave three passbooks for updatio n. First one she did. For next one she is asking to use the Passbook Machine which is broken. After a lot of haggling she printed that passbook. For PPF passbook she bluntly refused and infact took the passbook and kept in her drawer. Only after I telling I would wait even if it is late, she budged in half – heartedly. I have clipped a quick photo of the person and sharing the same here for better information to other customers.


  2. The person who was sitting next to some one called Geetha* says need three photos for account opening or transfer form. He does not know the reason for 2nd or 3rd . After all only one photo is required . The only reason is manager says so. I really wanted to ask if manager asks him to jump into the well, will he do it?
  • Heard from some one calling her by that name.