HP in Chennai gives random mobile numbers for unrelated people and potentially selling cylinders in black market and grabbing the subsidy to their pockets. I am not HP subscriber but I am getting the following messages on my Airtel number from HP regularly. The bank account mentioned in one of the message is also not mine.

  1. Sender: DM-HPDBTL
    Message: Advance of Rs 222 transferred to ur acc xxx64 in Indian Bank against ur refill booking dt 22-Jul, Subsidy will be transferred on cyl delivery
    Sent on 26th July 2014 at 12:45:39
  2. Sender: DM-HPDBTL
    Message: If you want to avail LPG subsidy join PAHAL. Submit Aadhaar to LPG distributor and bank or if you do not have Aadhaar, submit bank a/c details to distributor.
    Sent on 13th July 2014 at 18:49:22
  3. Sender: AD-HPDBTL
    Message: Dear HPGAS Consumer, Join Nation Building by giving up LPG subsidy for benefit of poor and needy. To Give-up subsidy send SMS GIVEITUP to 9766899899.
    Sent on 08th June 2015 at 21:06:31

Reported to Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas via MPANG/E/2015/04320 on 26th July 2015

Response from Ministry:

The issue has been taken up with the concerned in HQO and the necessary corrections has been done in the system. Hence, wrong messages will not come in the customer’s mobile hence forth. Email dt 14/08/15 has been sent to the customer on the subject and closed. Email attached.