September 2015

Some telemarketing team from Jet Airways is calling at odd times and offering unsolicited JP Miles and related credit card stuff. Even when refused they persist and sorry to be harsh if I had stretched a call bit, Jet Airways team would even have arranged for some girls to stage a nude dance to make me accept their offer.

I had ‘shout’ at them to force them to hangup and stop calling me. If these guys are allowed scott free they may impose a condition that they will issue boarding pass only if their credit card is applied for.

  1. Calling Numbers: +91 1726679700
  2. First Call 10:17 AM at 29th March 2015
  3. Second Call 10:42 AM at 29th March 2015

Reported to Ministry of Civil Aviation on 1st April 2015 via MOCAV/E/2015/00418

Response from Jet Airways:


We recently reported an issue about women harassing men workforce in a software company based in Chennai. The complaint was sent to the office of Prime Minister or National Commission for Women. The text of the complaint is hereunder:

Complaint Reference Numbers:

  1. PMOPG/E/2015/0041125
  2. NCW: 2014110108250

Dear Sir,

We are facing a very piquant labor issue at our workplace (Softura Private Ltd, Tamarai Tech Park, Guindy, Chennai — 600 032). There is a person called ‘Anuradha Kalyanasundaram‘ who joined the company in April/May 2015. Her original role was to act as a scrum master but some of her perceived attitude problem, temerity and her excessive flatulence towards her ego seems to be a huge impediment and taking a toll on team’s integrity. We have tried our enough to escalate to the management but with her position and prowess of twisting tales and talks she is putting us in distressing situations in multiple instances.

Most of the times she touches the body parts of even other sex people and talks. We have escalated this to our management. Now she has desisted from such a deplorable gesture at least this week. But she is forcing people in isolated rounds to stay alone late night. On Wednesday she made one of our team member to sit beside her on the pretext of tuning down the efforts for an agile PBI task. Only one other developer was there in another corner of the development hall. He was totally afraid because as an act of retaliation she might scream molestation. The hall does not have sufficient CCTV in that directions as a footage proof of what is going on.

Again yesterday on the pretext of demo preparation she is asking some one to stay for extended hours. But then he was advised to start off with a team member around 10.40 PM.

We are really concerned about a potential and foisted sexual harassment from her because of raising voice against her last Friday (07/17/2015) . I have also reported to National Commission for Women and Children (vide docket number 2014110108250) but there hasn’t been any action hitherto. Even work-wise she is harassing the team making them to stretch odd hours and visit weekends besides wasting everyone’s time in unneeded bureocratic meetings. On a survey through peers, she has earned the wrath of everyone but her prowess and potential is the one which is daunting for anyone. In a couple of sessions she also told that she is invincible because I once commented that I would go to law enforcement. Now she is telling that she knows a lot of powerful people and local law enforcement is just play toy for her. She also adds that she never has wore a helmet and she knows the cop near her place very much and hence she does not have any fear. She is presenting a deep sense of fear seeding a sense of job insecurity and career dis-satisfaction to everyone. One of the peers commented that he also suspects that she joined with fake credentials and experience. But none of us could raise voice against her because of her mafia hood at workplace and outside.

Kindly help us and our organization from the clutches of this demon.

Response from PMO on 19th September 2015

It is request that this petition may be transferred to the Joint Commissioner of Police South Zone on point of jurisdiction . this soc at comes under at Joint Commissioner of Police, South Zone jurisdiction . crime III(3)/185/88774/2015 COP CHENNAI-7

Around June 2014, I had a conversion of my BSNL Pune number to Postpaid for certain reasons but in a month or two I felt it wasn’t necessary and hence turned back on my decision. As per TRAI directions within 60 days the security deposit had to be returned. The security deposit indeed came as speed post to my PG address and my roomie collected but it was not cash-able check because of the following reasons:

  1. I was in Chicago then
  2. The name was wrongly spelt including father’s name making it some weird beguile Payee name.

I tried to escalate back and after a long debate BSNL sent me a new cheque to my Chennai address. Thank you BSNL.

We have already seen an unholy nexus of Selaiyur police station operated under and by criminals here. A couple of days back this writer received a summon that there was a complaint from Canara Bank Madambakkam branch manager alleging harassment. Interestingly that branch manager was complained to her higher authorities a few days back through email, CPGRS and PgPortal regarding unnecessary charges levied on account on porting from Pimpri to Madambakkam. Looks like to safeguard her position in the bank against the corruption charges she was involving in such nefarious gestures.

We scheduled a discussion today and after heated debates and some compromises the issue got amicably resolved. The hallmark of the discussion also forced this writer shell around 8000 rupees as the following expenses.

  1. Advocate Charges: 2000
  2. Conveyance Charges: 500
  3. Advocate wanted to give some amount to the inspector as a token of gratitude: 6000
  4. Total: 8500

Looks like Chennai law enforcement will never work for the salaries they get but only leech on public money.

Have you ever tried to call 1961 on your mobile phone? This is the short hand notation of 1800 180 1961 (the call center of Aaykar Sampark Kendra ASK Helpline). All cellphone operators would connect to the same without any issues except Vodafone India. I had reported this to Vodafone on friday through their social media on September 4. Some one called me and confirmed that it is not just my Vodafone number but a lot of numbers are affected as they confirmed it. The issue has been escalated by them. At least till this point of writing the issue remained unresolved by Vodafone and still in progress.

So if you need to call ASK Helpline meanwhile you may need an alternate cellphone network or a landline to call the same.

The biggest issue with at least the private telephone operators in India is activating unnecessary VAS (Value Added Services) to your phone number without consumer consent. Fortunately, a few months back TRAI has intervened in this issue and has formulated a simple method to deactivate the VAS on our numbers.

Send STOP to 155223 and the telephone operator would respond with a list of VAS that your number is subscribed to. You can then individually choose and stop each of the service by responding to that message.

Also TRAI’s recent amendment has the following important governance:

  1. The activation of VAS has to be followed by a reply confirmation by the operator and a third party.
  2. If an unnecessary VAS was found active and reported by the consumer, the pertinent charges be refunded back to the customer and VAS deactivated within 24 hours.

If you are still facing issues with your telephone operator you can lodge a complaint against your operator to

Have you ever tried to call a US number through AT&T Collect Call service from India. AT&T has a short code for India 000117. When we call this number it lands onto AT&T call center. Then we can use our long distance calling card to dial a USA number from India. Or if the number is collect-call enabled we can have an operator to connect the call. Here are my experiences with calling this short code.

June 2014: Airtel (Maharashtra and Goa) was charging for this service even though it was toll-free. After repeated escalations they stopped charging on this number.

July 2014: BSNL (Maharashtra and Goa) does not support this option. It says the number does not exist. Adding to the woes the customer service for 1503 was not functional then. The only option is MIS.BSNL and they take three days only to respond they do not know about this number. After escalating it to their higherups they fixed it after four weeks.

March 2014: BSNL (Chennai) had a similar issue. I am surprised by the attitude of this network. If a network issue is solved on one region, can’t they propagate it across the switches. Why do they expect the customer repeat for each of their networks?

And another trick is that with BSNL, this number is not directly dial-able now. You ought to have ISD facility activated. I am not sure how it is going to work for postpaid because for postpaid BSNL charges 2000 rupees security deposit for ISD. For prepaid, send a SMS ‘ACT ISD’ to 53733. Wait for a confirmation and after a few moments once the confirmation comes you can dial this number.

A strongful administrative control on healthcare in India like HIPAA and FDA in US is definitely missing. At least I have a bunch of incidents in the recent past which are coming up as succinct examples.

  1. In Talwade, Pune, a pharmacy called ‘Subhada Pharmacy’ is habituated to sell drugs beyond expiry date and refusing to issue proper receipts. When challenged the shopkeeper refuses to service the request itself.
  2. Vasan Eye Care does the initial eye checks but refuses to release the reports and forces to agree to unnecessary surgical procedures. The doctors are unavailable to comment directly but only the attenders on the waiting hall are dealing on these.
  3. Of late there was a high hue and cry regarding medicines with manufacturing date of 2016 released out in the market (in 2015 itself)

  4. When it comes to using a health insurance in hospital, there is a separate inflated bill vis-a-vis when you want to pay directly with your own funds. This unholy nexus operates with an unscrupulous collusion with the anti-socials.

The next time you have a law enforcement issue be it a mobile missing, an eve-teasing or a traffic problem, you are not left in a lurch. NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) has come out with an innovative pan-india program called CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network). The implementation by each state police might be varying. For example, for Tamil Nadu police it is as-easy as visiting the URL and submitting the report. The commissionarate then takes the burden of locating the most closest law enforcement to take up the cause and advocate appropriate steps for redressal of the same.

Some of the available categories are:

1) OTHERS (பிற குற்றங்கள்)
2) ATTEMPT TO COMMIT CRIME (குற்றம் நிகழத்த முயற்சி)
3) CHARGING EXORBITANT INTEREST (அளவு கடந்த வட்டி வசூலித்தல்)
5) COUNTERFEITING OF CURRENCY (கள்ள நாணயம் தயாரித்தல்)
6) CRIMINAL INTIMIDATION (குற்றமுறு மிரட்டுதல்)
7) CRIMINAL TRESPASS (குற்றமுறு அச்சுறுத்தல்)
8) CYBER CRIMES (இணையதள குற்றங்கள்)
9) DACOITY (கூட்டுக் கொள்ளை)
10) DOCUMENT MISSING (காணாமல் போன ஆவணம்)
11) EMBEZZLEMENT (பணமோசடி)
12) EVE TEASING (கேலி செய்தல்)
13) EXTORTION (அச்சுறுத்திப் பறித்தல்)
14) FORGERY (பொய் ஆவணம் புனைதல் )
15) HURT (உடல் ஊறு)
16) IMPERSONATION (ஆள் மாறாட்டம்)
17) INCITEMENT (தூண்டுதல்)
18) JUVENILE DELINQUENCY (இளமை தீச்செயல்)
19) KIDNAPPING (ஆட்கடத்தல்)
20) LAND GRABBING (நில அபகரிப்பு)
21) MISAPPROPRIATION (கையாடல் / பணம் கையாடல்)
22) MISCHIEF (தீங்கு)
23) MISSING PERSONS (காணாமல் போன ஆட்கள்)
24) MOBILE MISSING (காணாமல் போன கைபேசி)
25) MURDER (கொலை)
26) NON BANKING FINANCIAL INSTITUTION CASES (தனியார் நிதிநிறுவன வழக்குகள்)
27) NUISANCE (தொல்லை)
28) OFFENCES AGAINST RELIGION & PUBLIC WORSHIP (மத வழிபாட்டுதலங்களுக்கெதிரான குற்றங்கள்)
29) OFFENCES AGAINST STATE (அரசுக்கு எதிரான குற்றங்கள்)
30) OFFENCES RELATING TO MARRIAGE (திருமணம் சார் குற்றங்கள்)
31) POLITICAL OFFENCE (அரசியல் குற்றங்கள்)
32) QUARREL / ALTERCATIONS (வாய்தகராறு)
33) RAGGING (வன்சீண்டல்)
34) RAPE (கற்பழிப்பு)
35) ROBBERY (கொள்ளை)
36) STOLEN PROPERTY (திருட்டுச் சொத்து)
37) THEFT (திருட்டு)
38) TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS (போக்குவரத்து விதி மீறுகை)
39) VEHICLE MISSING (காணாமல் போன வாகனம்)
40) WOMEN HARASSMENT (பெண் சீண்டல்)
41) WRONGFUL CONFINEMENT (சட்ட விரோதமாக அடைத்து வைத்தல்)

Unlike olden days when registering a police complaint itself was a big headache and individual police stations refuse to oblige on our requests to register complaints, this system makes an elegant way to register the report. However there exists a few issues in the system.

  1. For a number of complaints, as this writer, has experienced, the cops are reluctant to work on it at the down-level police stations — asking for a request to be given like ‘Explanation obtained. No action required’, ‘Got update from police that action has been taken. No response required’. And a couple of days after that the complaints gets closed without a proper history update.
  2. The complaint numbers and their histories are maintained for very short periods or at least the status checking is kind of difficult for older records. The writer is trying to pursue this issue with pertinent authorities and would keep you posted on the same.
  3. In an attempt to fast-close the complaint, you may be bugged by the local police station for an ‘in-person’ inquiry even though it does not matter. They are not still in  the era of e-Resolutions.

We summarize here a few shortcomings and how effectively the department can improve the same.

The launch of CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network of System) pan India and a web implementation by Tamil Nadu police is simply a laudable initiative. At least I have recommended this to everyone in my circles and through my weblog so that more people extend a patronage to the system making our society crime free and an ideal one for fraternity communities to emulate.

Of late however I have the following observations regarding CCTNS which I would like to share the same with you. If you could help look into the same and incorporate suitable corrections it would be a tremendous improvement and truly our CCTNS implementation can be a role model for other states and even countries to emulate as well.


No. Observation Notes
1 After the complaint is being sent to the field staff (like regional police stations or departments incommissionarate), they ask you to present yourselves for a brief discussion. In the most of the cases, they ask you to write a letter and give them like


  1. ‘Explanation got from the investigating officer. No response needed’.
  1. ‘Got clarifications from the department. No further inquiry or explanation required’.


And after a day or two the complaint gets closed without a proper history of notes being recorded to the complaint.


This is a big defeat to the system and again will invite a lot of bureaucratic red tapes by not having an unbiased enquiry into the system and also introduce time-delays.

Suggestion for Mitigating the Issue


I would suggest during the discussion the officers shouldnotget any writing from the complainant. Anything and everything should be dealt through the portal as comments/feedback.


That way the officers dealing with the issue can be accountable and we can trace where the inquiry is going and whether it is going in the right speed or not.


This will help us to credit the hard workers with a suitable good appraisal by your higher-ups in the departments.


Offenders or those who are slacking and cheating the system can be suitably counseledand trained to use the system correctly.

2 The complaint number and its histories are maintained for very short periods. Hence even after six month if we want the full complete view of the earlier complaint (say a recurring complaint and you want to recall about the previous one you had mentioned) there is no way to do so. The complaints have to be maintained active in the system at least for a period of 7 to 10 years (similar to standard banking practices for documents).
3 When a complaint is delegated to the field staff or a local police station, we get repeated calls for an immediate appointment with them to discuss on the same. Also they always prefer us to visit them.


Most of us are too mobile and we travel to a lot of places and sometimes distant places for our work reasons.  In these cases the direct physical appointment or discussion can be literally impossible. There should be anin absentiaarrangement to manage through the portal itself.

In-absentia conversations like


1) Conference Call

2) Via Portal


can be a best instead of looking for literal physical appointment like age-old days.

4 Missing Integration to CpGrams/PgPortal The Government Departments (State and Central) have a good system called CPGRAMS/PgPortal. I would suggest you can try having an integration of CCTNS to CPGRAMS too.
5 Notification Alerts When I put a message through the portal, I am not getting a notification in my email address or a text message (SMS) with a reference number.


This reference number and the last acted upon date is very important for effective tracking on the progress of the complaint/suggestion.


I remember receiving text message (SMS) alerts sometime back now. But of late the SMS alerts are not coming through. Looks like some technical issue in the system?

6 Support Helpdesk If any help regarding using the system is required there should be a team who is available to be contacted.


For example, in CpGrams/Pgportal there is a category or department called DARPG which oversees and gives necessary help to users and as well other ministries.