A strongful administrative control on healthcare in India like HIPAA and FDA in US is definitely missing. At least I have a bunch of incidents in the recent past which are coming up as succinct examples.

  1. In Talwade, Pune, a pharmacy called ‘Subhada Pharmacy’ is habituated to sell drugs beyond expiry date and refusing to issue proper receipts. When challenged the shopkeeper refuses to service the request itself.
  2. Vasan Eye Care does the initial eye checks but refuses to release the reports and forces to agree to unnecessary surgical procedures. The doctors are unavailable to comment directly but only the attenders on the waiting hall are dealing on these.
  3. Of late there was a high hue and cry regarding medicines with manufacturing date of 2016 released out in the market (in 2015 itself)

  4. When it comes to using a health insurance in hospital, there is a separate inflated bill vis-a-vis when you want to pay directly with your own funds. This unholy nexus operates with an unscrupulous collusion with the anti-socials.