The biggest issue with at least the private telephone operators in India is activating unnecessary VAS (Value Added Services) to your phone number without consumer consent. Fortunately, a few months back TRAI has intervened in this issue and has formulated a simple method to deactivate the VAS on our numbers.

Send STOP to 155223 and the telephone operator would respond with a list of VAS that your number is subscribed to. You can then individually choose and stop each of the service by responding to that message.

Also TRAI’s recent amendment has the following important governance:

  1. The activation of VAS has to be followed by a reply confirmation by the operator and a third party.
  2. If an unnecessary VAS was found active and reported by the consumer, the pertinent charges be refunded back to the customer and VAS deactivated within 24 hours.

If you are still facing issues with your telephone operator you can lodge a complaint against your operator to