We have already seen an unholy nexus of Selaiyur police station operated under and by criminals here. A couple of days back this writer received a summon that there was a complaint from Canara Bank Madambakkam branch manager alleging harassment. Interestingly that branch manager was complained to her higher authorities a few days back through email, CPGRS and PgPortal regarding unnecessary charges levied on account on porting from Pimpri to Madambakkam. Looks like to safeguard her position in the bank against the corruption charges she was involving in such nefarious gestures.

We scheduled a discussion today and after heated debates and some compromises the issue got amicably resolved. The hallmark of the discussion also forced this writer shell around 8000 rupees as the following expenses.

  1. Advocate Charges: 2000
  2. Conveyance Charges: 500
  3. Advocate wanted to give some amount to the inspector as a token of gratitude: 6000
  4. Total: 8500

Looks like Chennai law enforcement will never work for the salaries they get but only leech on public money.