Some telemarketing team from Jet Airways is calling at odd times and offering unsolicited JP Miles and related credit card stuff. Even when refused they persist and sorry to be harsh if I had stretched a call bit, Jet Airways team would even have arranged for some girls to stage a nude dance to make me accept their offer.

I had ‘shout’ at them to force them to hangup and stop calling me. If these guys are allowed scott free they may impose a condition that they will issue boarding pass only if their credit card is applied for.

  1. Calling Numbers: +91 1726679700
  2. First Call 10:17 AM at 29th March 2015
  3. Second Call 10:42 AM at 29th March 2015

Reported to Ministry of Civil Aviation on 1st April 2015 via MOCAV/E/2015/00418

Response from Jet Airways: