This incident happened a few hours before my starting to Thei Pirai Ashtami Pooja. And it has been going along for a while. A bunch of residents in the corner apartment of Gurunathar Street in Rajakilpakkam had been nurturing a kind of core blood-red hatred for Canis Lupus Familiaris. We have been observing this by different gestures.

  1. Some residents pour hot water at dogs/puppies to shoo them.
  2. Some of the apartment entrances have chilli powder thrown all around them to prevent dogs from sitting there. In fact the poor dogs don’t even deface them. They are going outside for their nature calls in camera.
  3. Some apartments give a picture of bleaching powder scattered all over to prevent dogs coming near.
  4. A couple of hard-hearted residents even have steel rods to beat the puppies.

Dog is considered to be vehicle of Kala Bhairava who is considered guru for Shri Shanidev. I am in fact waiting for next Shani Peyarchi so that all these hardcore criminals who have been torturing the dogs would be taken to task by Shanidev.

Coming back to the mainstream discussion. A couple of days before a black dog was carried by animal welfare organization for sterilizing.  She had recently given birth to three puppies. The three puppies had been wandering here and there searching for the dog.

And today, the devils in those apartments were running with the steel rods to hit and kill those puppies. After all those bastards ran away taking rest, we slowly took each puppy one-by-one into our apartment for time-being. Next I had to identify some good animal care shelter. I remember seeing one near Medavakkam and hence called them. They asked us to carry the puppies and drop off at their place. One of our friend offered to come with his bike and we put all the puppies in the bag and took to the shelter and dropped. Both us and puppies heaved a sigh of relief when puppies landed one by one into the cage at shelter. The puppies were planned to be put in the cage for a day till a vet comes and vaccinates them and then it would be roaming free within the shelter campus playing with other dogs.

In another vien, I am seriously disturbed to see our indian laws are not stringent (rather non-existent) when dealing with cruelty to animals.