Though we in India take pride to call ourselves as soveriegn secular democratic republic, are we reflecting it by our gestures. At least by way of secularism there seems to be a stiff conflict. A few thoughts on the same are being analyzed here. Take for example the holidays that the banks are being offered in India for the year 2016 here.

A good 60% of the holidays is based on each religion. I am just thinking if Federal Government should consider scrapping all these as mandatory holidays and provide as optional ones so that the each organization can function on these days. Only employees belonging to these religions can take off on those days. That way business can continue as usual. However holidays like Gandhi Jayanthi etc are national interest and should be observed unanimously and as before.

This thought is taken from the way Federal Government in USA works which has only around 10 federal holidays that are non-religious in nature.

This change will also improve religious tolerance in the country and make us truly secular model for the world.