Long time back in 2008, I  had an Axis Bank account which I closed it. Around July 2015 my employer switched to Axis Bank and hence had an opportunity to experience the new banking practices of Axis Bank. Even the opening was crazy.

  1. The guys were pressing for a demat and trading account and I had to literally shoo-shoo them away.
  2. Again they opened with a different customer id but since long back I already had an account they should have used that one. After a long debate they fixed it and switched my customer id.
  3. No sooner the account was opened than a telemarketing call came offering pre-activated credit card. Issuing a pre-activated card is a crime on part of financial institutions in India. When I escalated it, some one called Murugesan (+91 97909 06735) who introduced himself as a corporate relationship manager and was acting smart that calls from banks can not be considered telemarketing but offers to customers. I had to silence the smartass by involving the regional manager (+91 98849 00917) and the apex bank team.
  4. And in the meanwhile a lot of telemarketing calls which were duly reported to for unsolicited personal loans.
  5. Worst yet in BankBazaar, if you choose Axis Bank for home loan, credit card or personal loans, they ask you to unsubscribe from NDNC and then only offer to process your application.
  6. And after the contract got complete, the first thing I did was to close the Axis Bank account but immediately I got a call telling personal loan on the basis of relationship with the bank!
  7. This time I engaged PgPortal and Axis Bank Nodal Team. They are yet to figure out how to totally unsubscribe customers from their calling lists!