March 2016

One of my friend recently purchased a Samsung Note from Poorvika Vadapalani. Right on day 3 the device started to malfunction. The representatives are refusing to entertain and started to be sarcastic too. When taken back to the store they even have the temerity to ask it for an exchange at less than half the price quoting physical damage or 10,000 to repair it.  And since that person was  a senior citizen, the sales guy is sarcastically laughing at him.


Today I visited your Vodafone Koramangala store and took Token Number 264. The intent was to permanently churn one of my sparingly used mobile number xxx644. I remember there used to be a form for that. And while I was waiting I was searching for the form on the racks and one executive was telling disconnection only possible for postpaid and she was asking me to convert to postpaid first!

In Counter H, the girl left in a huff because of her ignorance or lack of skills and one Ms. Krishnaveni came and occupied the position. She was reluctant to help when she is working and drawing salary from an organization with the motto ‘Happy to Help’. She was telling activation and deactivation done by call center only. It was call center and appellate who had guided me to consume the balance first and then approach the main store to permanently churn the number.
After a lot of resistance she opened the system and now another set of hysteric gesture from her.  She wanted to see an Id Proof but did not like the Aadhar Card. She wanted a photo. I do not know why she wanted a photo for disconnection. I suspect that she was secretly trying to convert the number to postpaid to reach her monthly targets.  Looks like the 2015 issue mentioned here  is still continuing to haunt Vodafone.
She refused to give a service request number and after a lot of haggling scribbled in a bit of municipality paper. The SR reads as SR 1915648248. I had to call her ‘stupid’ right on the face because of her absolute temerity, arrogance, dis-obedience and lack of conducive communication skills.  And she was telling it would take 48 days for the disconnection. Normally it is 48 hours or 24 hours right
I wonder why Vodafone wants to recruit such mediocre in their payrolls and spoil the global brand image. The way she behaved and her colleague giggling from her back makes me suspect whether the SR is going to be acted upon or they are going to surreptitiously activate it as a high value postpaid connection.
Let us wait and see how long they act on this complaint to churn the number and return it to the owning MSC network.
Registration Number : DOTEL/E/2016/07426
Name Of Complainant : Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
Date of Receipt : 05 Mar 2016
Received by : Department of Telecommunications
Forwarded to : Secretary TRAI
Contact Address : Secretary,TRAI, Mahanagar Doorsanchar
Bhawan (Next to ZakirHussain College) Jawaharlal
Nehru Marg,(Old Minto Road), New Delhi110002
Contact Number : 23237448
Grievance Description : Hi Team, For the past few days, the following website is not loading. This is NCCP TRAI Portal. Whenever we try to navigate it always gives the following message: This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Kindly look into the same and help out.
Current Status : CASE CLOSED
Date of Action : 23 Mar 2016
Details : Physiclly forwarded to TRAI on dted 23/3/2016
Registration Number : DOTEL/E/2016/03152
Name Of Complainant : Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
Date of Receipt : 29 Jan 2016
Received by : Department of Telecommunications
Forwarded to : Secretary TRAI
Contact Address : Secretary,TRAI, Mahanagar Doorsanchar
Bhawan (Next to ZakirHussain College) Jawaharlal
Nehru Marg,(Old Minto Road), New Delhi110002
Contact Number : 23237448
Grievance Description : Dear Team, Each cellphone operator is having different charges for sending SMS to 1900. Airtel: 1 Re. BSNL: 0.35 paise Vodafone: 1.50 Can a standard be brought across the board please? Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan
Current Status : CASE CLOSED
Date of Action : 23 Mar 2016
Details : Physiclly forwarded to TRAI on dted 23/3/2016


Exit Interviews give the management of the company a fair insight into why a resource is quitting and a reason for attrition. If they are truly committed they can improve upon the comments mentioned in the Exit Interview. However lot of small to medium software companies in Chennai treat employees as commodities. Hence to deal with them here are the things you can do:

  1. Use the below Exit-Interview Questionairre. Fill Up and Send to the Top Management and Labor Department.
  2. Review them on GlassDoor for the benefit of peer potential employees.


Reason for leaving

  • Why have you decided to leave the organization?
  • Did anything trigger your decision to leave?
  • Was a single event responsible for your decision to leave?
  • Have you shared your concerns with anyone in the company prior to deciding to leave?
  • Did anyone in this organization discriminate against you, harass you, or cause hostile working conditions? (important to follow up if they say yes)

Job satisfaction

  • What was most satisfying about your job? What was least satisfying about your job?
  • What would you change about your job?
  • What did you like most about this organization?
  • What did you like least about this organization?
  • What would you improve to make our workplace better?
  • Did your job duties turn out to be as you expected?
  • Were your job responsibilities characterized correctly during the interview process and orientation?
  • Did this organization help you to fulfill your career goals? Were you happy with your pay, benefits and other incentives?
  • Did any organization policies or procedures (or any other obstacles) make your job more difficult?

Supervision and support

  • Do you feel you had the resources and support necessary to accomplish your job? If not, what was missing?
  • The quality of supervision is important to most people at work. How was your relationship with your manager? What could your supervisor do to improve his or her management style and skill?
  • Did you have clear goals and know what was expected of you in your job?
  • Did you receive enough training to do your job effectively?
  • Did you receive adequate support to do your job?
  • Did you receive adequate feedback about your performance day-to-day and in the performance development planning process?


  • Do you have any tips to help us find your replacement?
  • Based on your experience with us, what do you think it takes to succeed at this organization?
  • Would you consider working again for this organization in the future?
  • Would you recommend working for this organization to your family and friends?
  • What is your experience of employee morale and motivation in the company?
  • What does your new company offer that encouraged you to accept their offer and leave this company?
  • Can this organization do anything to encourage you to stay?
  • Any other comments?

There is a steadfast growth and increase in geometric progress of black money (unaccounted money) in Tamil Nadu. I am actually talking about rampant patronage of autos by the society and indifferent attitude of the government to place a check on them.

  1. Chennai autos are known for their notorious behavior of not using meters and charging exorbitant fares even for short distances.
  2. Most autos are owned by local dons, councillors, MPs and MLAs and sometimes by law enforcement people and then leased on daily basis to drivers.
  3. Most auto drivers have unions and have unholy nexus to force transport corporation to skip important stoppings so that they can squat there.
  4. Most vantage locations like Olympia Tech Park, DLF, Estancia near Sriperumbudur, SIPCOT entrance near Siruseri, Velachery Vijayanagar are squatted by auto drivers.
  5. Buses are often convoyed before and after by autos like 95/99 from E Tambaram to Thiruvanmiyur/Adyar.
  6. Buses are forced to skip stops and the auto drivers approach passengers in desperation with proposal for ride with exorbitant pricing.

For a ride of 1 KM they charge 40 rs (against 25 rs) a difference of 15 rs. So if we take average 20 kms per day for an auto they gain 300 rs in surplus.

With current Google statistics there are 17 million autos in Chennai. There is a whopping amount of 5,10,000 per day (unaccounted money) which goes to local bigwigs.

Petition Filed with Central Board of Direct Taxes vide CBODT/E/2015/04151

Petition Number: DTOUR/E/2014/00259


SeaBird tourists (which is operated by ITDC, a wing of Ministry of Tourism) runs its services after hectic delays. Almost every bus is operated at least by 30 to 40 minutes (and sometimes 2 hours delay). The crew is also very unfriendly and sometimes hostile. They scold the passengers when demanded reason for delay. There is no efficient way to reach some one as to where is the vehicle when waiting at the road side pickup points at odd times. Kindly look into the same and fix the issues forthwith. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

Response from Ministry:

We have taken the matter with M/s Sea Bir Tourists Centre to avoid recurrence of such incidents in future. Reply letter No. SEC:CPGRMS:2014 dated 26.09.2014

We have been observing throughout Chennai that the Metro rail construction is delayed very much and also stiffly inconveniencing the people. V&R has pioneered to take this and represent to the PMO office who has directed Chennai Metro Rail and Ministry of Urban Development besides Government of Tamil Nadu to take corrective actions immediately.

PMO Petition Number: PMOPG/E/2015/0039552

Dear Sir/Madam, The current Metro Rail construction in Chennai by CMRL is having a number of major accidents. Recently it took toll of life of a young software engineer in Pallavaram near OTA. And two days ahead a cab was badly damaged by poorly fit iron rod right in front of Airport. See news URL Furthermore, Metro is also not properly laying the roads after digging. Even in the areas like Alandur there is no proper subway or directions to the subway to cross the streets. Can you kindly look into the issues and get pertinent teams to do corrective actions forthwith? Thanks, Deepak Vasudevan

Response from PMO:

Chennai Metro Rail Project is being implemented by CMRL, the suggestion of the applicant has been forwarded to CMRL for future compliance.

Copy of Directive Sent:


There was an issue with Vodafone mobile in making phone calls to Auto Complaints helpline in Chennai/Tamil Nadu. After lodging an issue to the appellate and CpGrams (DOTEL/E/2016/03068), the same has been resolved.


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