Today had a very interesting experience at my home. A cop from the neighborhood police station seemed to have visited my home citing he wanted to do some address and academic background verification. Since I was not at home at the moment he had left a bunch of contact numbers to call back regarding the verification. Here are the potential job offers.

  1. Job Offer: A Job in Rajya Sabha
  2. Purpose of Visit: Address and Academic Verification
  3. Visiting Verifying Officer: KC Anandan (+91 99412 50150)
  4. VVO suggested me to contact Dhanasekaran (SI) at +91 94448 50585 or the neighborhood police station at +91 94454 62387
  5. However, this writer received a missed call from one of the BSNL Police CUG number +91 94981 29751 (TrueCaller Identity SI Ramu Pallavar)

Tidbits from the telephone conversation with Dhanasekaran:

  1. Address Verification (as on records). For security reasons, I let him start the address and I offered to complete the address to ensure address does not fall in wrong hands.
  2. Academic Verification. Which college and which school? I don’t think he was having these in the file before him and I presume he was noting it down.
  3. Regarding Current Location. When I re-threw the questions on necessity of the verification when I have not made the application he was persisting on the issue of police verification and everyone bound to confirm and cooperate. However the mutually agreed protocol of necessity of verification or background source of the verification was not revealed. He was telling that a central government department had requested this verification for a job offer but he ‘did not know’ which department asked him to do the same.

As again as we noted as one of the limitations of the CCTNS implementation here, the SI I was talking was telling we can discuss everything ‘in person’. In return I had offered him a solution to ‘return back the address verification request as ‘INCOMPLETE’ because it was potentially not genuine’.

Corollary of Unsolicited Job Offer:

  • Did this writer became so famous of his so called erstwhile ‘Microsoft Valuable Professional’ recognition? I admit that a bunch of Tamilian shacks were/are sniffing the arse of this writer to establish a relationship with me to take advantage of an MVP in their workforce. This is the reason I have informed Microsoft in 2011 and relinquished the certification then on.
  • Experience in dealing with diversified set of people in courts at Virginia USA, Tambaram and Parrys (Chennai, India).
  • Since it is election time and there are many new election observers and vigilance being appointment, I am not sure this writer is offered such a position!

Very Recent Job Rackets that the Reader had Reported to Police and Ministries:

  1. Wipro/HCL: The call came from +918010936186 at 5th May 2015 at 14:07 and was duly reported to CCTNS number CDN201503651‏.
  2. HCL/Cognizant: The call came from +91 95995 92950 at 23rd February 2016 at 12:04 and was duly reported to Central Labor Department vide PMOPG/E/2016/0075017. The intent of skipping CCTNS and reporting via CpGrams is because of required redundant depositions stipulated by local law enforcement.

Reference Number from Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 11th April 2016:


Response from Home Ministry on 11th April 2016:

The grievance pertains to omission/ commission by police, which are self explanatory in nature as action on the same is to be taken by the State Government. Forwarded to Secretary (Home), Tamilnadu.