Had been on a couple of days trip to Trichy over the weekend. Typical pilgrimage spots I visited are Srirangam and Samayapuram. While both are world famous pilgrimage spots the hallmark of both these are one is literally mobbed by beggars seeking alms. Here are the vantage spots near the temples which are occupied by beggars and present themselves as eyesores to tourists and pilgrims besides their unclean state being a health hazard.

I have lodged a complaint to Trichy Corporation for Srirangam vide reference number 5038 and an email request to Mannachanallur Panchayat for Samayapuram.

Vantage Spots Occupied by Beggars:

  1. Rajagopuram (Asia’s largest one is serving as abode of beggars at its entrance)
  2. Bunch of them near each gopuram between Rajagopuram and ‘Ranga Ranga’ gopuram
  3. Bunch of them mobbing public at Ranga Ranga gopuram. This is beside the set of hawkers who trouble you with unnecessary garlands and other items at skyrocketing prices..
  4. Beggars on the pathway between Cloak Roam and Dhanvanthri Sannidhi
  5. Beggars on the pathway between Ramar Sannidhi to Front Part traversing Aayirankal Mandapam
  6. Excessive business flatulence near Sri Ranga Vilas Mandapam
  7. Entrance Arch to Samayapuram Mandapam
  8. Bus Stand in Samayapuram
  9. Shops where pilgrims assemble to purchase garlands and other items are mobbed by beggars