There is a steadfast growth and increase in geometric progress of black money (unaccounted money) in Tamil Nadu. I am actually talking about rampant patronage of autos by the society and indifferent attitude of the government to place a check on them.

  1. Chennai autos are known for their notorious behavior of not using meters and charging exorbitant fares even for short distances.
  2. Most autos are owned by local dons, councillors, MPs and MLAs and sometimes by law enforcement people and then leased on daily basis to drivers.
  3. Most auto drivers have unions and have unholy nexus to force transport corporation to skip important stoppings so that they can squat there.
  4. Most vantage locations like Olympia Tech Park, DLF, Estancia near Sriperumbudur, SIPCOT entrance near Siruseri, Velachery Vijayanagar are squatted by auto drivers.
  5. Buses are often convoyed before and after by autos like 95/99 from E Tambaram to Thiruvanmiyur/Adyar.
  6. Buses are forced to skip stops and the auto drivers approach passengers in desperation with proposal for ride with exorbitant pricing.

For a ride of 1 KM they charge 40 rs (against 25 rs) a difference of 15 rs. So if we take average 20 kms per day for an auto they gain 300 rs in surplus.

With current Google statistics there are 17 million autos in Chennai. There is a whopping amount of 5,10,000 per day (unaccounted money) which goes to local bigwigs.

Petition Filed with Central Board of Direct Taxes vide CBODT/E/2015/04151