Petition Number: DTOUR/E/2014/00259


SeaBird tourists (which is operated by ITDC, a wing of Ministry of Tourism) runs its services after hectic delays. Almost every bus is operated at least by 30 to 40 minutes (and sometimes 2 hours delay). The crew is also very unfriendly and sometimes hostile. They scold the passengers when demanded reason for delay. There is no efficient way to reach some one as to where is the vehicle when waiting at the road side pickup points at odd times. Kindly look into the same and fix the issues forthwith. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

Response from Ministry:

We have taken the matter with M/s Sea Bir Tourists Centre to avoid recurrence of such incidents in future. Reply letter No. SEC:CPGRMS:2014 dated 26.09.2014