Today I visited your Vodafone Koramangala store and took Token Number 264. The intent was to permanently churn one of my sparingly used mobile number xxx644. I remember there used to be a form for that. And while I was waiting I was searching for the form on the racks and one executive was telling disconnection only possible for postpaid and she was asking me to convert to postpaid first!

In Counter H, the girl left in a huff because of her ignorance or lack of skills and one Ms. Krishnaveni came and occupied the position. She was reluctant to help when she is working and drawing salary from an organization with the motto ‘Happy to Help’. She was telling activation and deactivation done by call center only. It was call center and appellate who had guided me to consume the balance first and then approach the main store to permanently churn the number.
After a lot of resistance she opened the system and now another set of hysteric gesture from her.  She wanted to see an Id Proof but did not like the Aadhar Card. She wanted a photo. I do not know why she wanted a photo for disconnection. I suspect that she was secretly trying to convert the number to postpaid to reach her monthly targets.  Looks like the 2015 issue mentioned here  is still continuing to haunt Vodafone.
She refused to give a service request number and after a lot of haggling scribbled in a bit of municipality paper. The SR reads as SR 1915648248. I had to call her ‘stupid’ right on the face because of her absolute temerity, arrogance, dis-obedience and lack of conducive communication skills.  And she was telling it would take 48 days for the disconnection. Normally it is 48 hours or 24 hours right
I wonder why Vodafone wants to recruit such mediocre in their payrolls and spoil the global brand image. The way she behaved and her colleague giggling from her back makes me suspect whether the SR is going to be acted upon or they are going to surreptitiously activate it as a high value postpaid connection.
Let us wait and see how long they act on this complaint to churn the number and return it to the owning MSC network.