Yesterday I had opted for a new prepaid number through CYMN. I even printed the application form myself and took everything ready. The Bommasandra CSR was first citing lack of local address whereas I have furnished my Aadhar Card. This I have been using to get BSNL numbers in multiple cities. After a lot of bargain, she asked me to write my PG address and phone number behind Aadhar card and give it to her. Prior to that she was refusing this deal too. She was asking me to come tomorrow citing a heavy workload.
Then she entered wrong PIN code and the system was refusing. After that I corrected her. For some reason the system is not able to recognize the following combination of CYMN and I am not getting a proper reply. Another elite gentleman in the next counter was telling me that I need to go that circle of CYMN to get the first SIM. This is the height of comedy I encountered and controlled my laughter. In my earlier occasion the CSR enters the record and BSNL backend team goes ahead and prepares the HLR for the number and it gets ready. At times the only issue when CYMN is different location is messaging fails and it is quickly troubleshooted by BSNL technical team.
A CpGrams (DOTEL/E/2016/11042) and a fault docket with MIS (KRK/CO/2016/3139) has been registered but till this point of writing there is no revert back from BSNL.
Looks like Anupam Srivastava has lot of work to do to bring a radical renaissance into BSNL workforce.