I had my CAF submitted to the retailer as well blocked the choice number on Tuesday evening (5th April 2016). Wednesday Tata Docomo (6th April 2016) should have logged in and got the connection activated. The retailer goofed up by not putting the required seals. Had a talk with social media team and regional head which got the retailer to give his nod on the CAF. However then came the confusion on Aadhar Card. Aadhar Card does not have father’s name separately. So they wanted more documentation which was enclosed.

I gave three local references, two numbers from Assistant Warden of the Hostel and one the Warden itself. AW is kind of illiterate and the verifying person seems to be applying tactical tricks to confuse him and delay the verification despite repeatedly requesting the call should be routed to the Chief Warden. Friday was Ugadi and hence the verifiying call promised on Saturday did not seem to happen. Meanwhile Ugadi eve I see this message from social media team:

Tata Docomo

As per the conversation had with our team, we would like to inform you that as per our records the services of the mobile number are in VALIDE state and the delay for activation of your number is the local reference verification is pending. Hence, you will be receiving a call on your alternate number which you have provided in the CAF (Customer Application Form) regarding the local reference verification for the activation of your number. Hence, you need to attend the verification call for further proceedings of your activation of your number. Kindly note that post documents are updated in system. You will receive a SMS post which you need to call 59059 for tele-verification of your details when network latches on your number to activate the account and the activation process takes 4-5 days and post positive verification card will be activated in 30mins & in case verification is done negative, however, you have 2 more attempts for positive verification. We sincere apologize from our agent end, we can assure that and the same will never be repeated again in future and the feedback will be shared to the agent.

And today (11th April 2016) the connection is still inactive. I haven’t got the verifying call on my alternate number as well. The retailer promised 24 hours. RM assured 4 hours turn around time for activation and it looks like the watches/clocks of Tata Docomo has stopped and hence it is ticking more than five days and no activation yet.