On 28th March 2016 V&R forwarded the following report on Reliance Mobile to DoT via CpGrams (DOTEL/E/2016/10176):


Dear Team,

Around an year back I surrendered my Reliance USB based connection and took a Wi-Fi based connection at Virugambakkam Reliance Store (Reddy Street). I did it four days before billing date.

However the store guys, I suspect did not enter my cash into the ledger and now they are asking me to pay that amount again and also the amount for new billing month.

They are also harassing me despite me being a senior citizen.

Furthermore, I am getting fake calls from unscrupulous agencies posing as advocates and auditors representing Reliance offices.

Thanks and Regards,

Vighnesh KV


The response from Reliance on 4th April 2016 is indicated below: