Recently I reported a telemarketing issue from Standard Chartered India via CpGrams DEABD/E/2016/00069 which is as below. The issue was reported on 3rd January 2016.

I am in receipt of a telemarketing call, rather 3 calls from Standard Chartered offering unsolicited credit card. Caller Number: 022-41927100 Called Date: 3rd January 2016 Called Times: 12:02, 12:11 and 12:12

And the response was on 3rd March 2016 which is asking to wait for 30 days till then the wireless molesting by their executives will continue unabated. TRAI says within 7 days the calling lists need to be scrubbed after customer registers in global DND.


Voice of customer: Complainant have raised concerns with regard to the marketing calls received by him. Resolution: Based on his concerns, we have updated his number in our “Do Not Disturb” list. It will take upto 30 days to get your number removed completely from our calling lists.