Today had an opportunity to visit ICICI Bank )Hosur Road Branch, Bommanahalli) to deposit some amount because an upcoming standing instruction debit was there. There were a few observations in the branch.

  1. There were two two normal teller counters both were progressing at snail speed and none for Privilege Banking customers.
  2. Furthermore one of the teller counter was showing a sort of favoritism for a few customers and for us he was turning back to write challans back and forth. Not sure if there was a pocket picker in the bank having an unholy nexus with this teller and he was expecting us to be conned by the pocket pickers.
  3. Since i wanted to check the account number with my mobile number he again turned me back and wanted to come in the slow queue.
  4. And even when the challan was serviced, he was asking hundreds of unnecessary superfluous questions which were not required and might compromised the security of the customer in the queue.
  5. His identification card was tucked-turned off and hence he was attempting to conceal his identity from being reported.
  6. Also the parking outside the branch is scary. Multiple lines of vehicles parked here and there.