We would need five mandatory refinements in our conduct of Elections from the Election Commission of India and the Parliament.

  1. A same candidate can not contest in two constitutencies. The problem is that after winning they resign from one and ask for bye-election in the other. This is an unneeded burden on the ex-chequer.
  2. If there is a bye-election, persons in power can not canvas for the candidates from their parties. If they would like to canvas, they can resign from the power and then proceed to canvass.
  3. There should be a 100% compliance of voting from the public. If some one fails to exercise their franchise intentionally then the government provided subsidies to them, electricity connection, gas supply and ration services should be canceled for them.
  4. Persons with any criminal cases should not canvas in the election in Toto. You can check out about each candidate here.
  5. People should have a ‘recall’ power. For example if a lorry driver who draws a salary of 1000 rupees does not do his job properly, the owner instantly fires him. Similarly if the people’s representative does not do the job of representing the people in the assembly, the people should be able to recall him from power instantly.

Courtesy: Thennavan movie by Vijayakanth.