On 12 Apr 2016, I sent a petition to Railway Board regarding acute dismay in Unreserved Compartments of several railway stations and unreserved passengers attempting to squat on reserved compartments also. The original petition (MORLY/E/2016/08250) is shown below:

Dear Team, I have a suggestion to prevent mobbing of Unreserved Compartments when the train enters the station. Similar to bus stations in Tirumala/Tirupathi we can have the passengers to wait in closed halls. When the train comes we can ask them to queue up and board the train in UR compartments in order. Benefits: 1) Mobbing of UR compartments is avoided 2) UR passengers would be discouraged from entering reserved compartments. 3) Pocket picking, eve teasing, Bag Lifting and related menace due to mobbing can be avoided. 4) Stampede situations at the entrance of UR compartments is virtually eliminated. I would hence suggest this idea to Railway Board. Thanks and Regards, Deepak Vasudevan

The response from Railway Board is enclosed below: